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iOpen is a mobile app with the mission to reopen the world.

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These tests provide convenient at-home testing intended for use by individuals with or without symptoms. These options provide customers with access to testing that can be conducted at home and complement the iOpen commitment to providing consumers with access to comprehensive COVID-19 testing services.

iOpen World is a members benefit Association that offers access to at-home COVID-19 tests through the Associations benefit plan. Because processes may differ across commercial, Medicare and Medicaid plans, the Association completes the applicable paperwork for you after confirming your coverage and places a claim with the insurance submission process. There is no-cost to be a member of iOpen. The iOpen member benefits include access to our physician’s network which is provided for free 365/24/7. iOpen members have virtual access to in-network physicians for all fifty states.

Typically, it will take 72 hours from when the order is clear by your insurance company. You can order test kits through iOpenWorld.com or the iOpen app and have them delivered for free*. Persons needing test-kits immediately need to visit their choice of nearby pharmacies with inventory while your iOpen online ordering process is being completed.

To obtain tests digitally with no up-front cost, persons will need to provide:

  • Their insurance information
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Number of desired tests
  • Shipping address
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The Benefits
of Self-diagnosing.

Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere by mobile app, web or phone.

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COVID CARE when you need it - anywhere,
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Comprehensive suite of Virtual COVID Care services on a single platform.


Testing is Simple
& Seamless

Monthly allocation to Test kits shipped free to your door.


Health & Wellness

keep family and friends sate at social gatherings and holidays


COVID Care Navigation

Get the answers you need to COVID related questions


Virtual COVID Care &

Access a Test kits & Doctors when you NEED it most.


Benefits hub

Connect with medical professionals 24/7/365 globally.


Time & Safety Saver

Setf-diagnose as needed without wondering where to go.

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