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Hi, hope you are safe! Let's reopen!

iOpen is a mobile app with the mission to reopen the world.

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what iopen users opt-in

Enjoy controlled entrance at any venue and travel anywhere with your iOpen pass on your mobile phone

Get tested or vaccinated at a licenced Test Location

Select, schedule and add in your app one of the 2,234 State and Federal licensed and regulated Test Locations

Get HIPAA Record directly uploaded to iOpen API

Upon completion the Test Location uploads HIPAA Record directly to iOpen API and the record is authenticated and accessible by the user.

Enjoy controlled entrance at any venue and travel with peace-of-mind

iOpen users present QR code for scanning with an ID when entering any controlled entry.

benefits for users

iOpen navigates COVID without complication with encrypted peace-of-mind...

  • Geotargeting on demand by testing site locations.
  • Provided door-level accuracy when the user or member of user's family enters a high-risk COVID zone.
  • User receives alert as well as one or many family members or friends the user has added to their account.
Activation Code
benefits for venues

iOpen will re-open 21,487 travel, sport and entertainment venues.

  • QR codes provide business owners and public ventures a means to re-open and be socially responsible.
  • Independent employment policy can mandate screening employees for testing , quarantines and vaccination when available.
  • iOpen users opt-in to HIPAA waivers to provide entry where it is applicable - employment and academic, travel, sport and entertainment venues.
benefits for venues

Unique venue requisites

Venue prerequisites are programmed for each Event. The iOpen User is required to be tested corresponding dates twice - double "True" Negatives are required for entry. Testing inexpensive & will deliver the linear reopening of venues and ultimately verified vaccinations.

over 5,000 Business Beneficiaries and top influencers already joined us


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Entertainment & Sport Venues
Filming Production Companies
Colleges and Universities
NYC Broadway Theaters
Music Talents
*In an effort to put universities back in classes we have offered activation codes to the following universities.